Located in Columbia, South Carolina, Five Points is a popular shopping, dining, and nightlife district. It draws customers from the University of South Carolina and from the surrounding area. This vibrant district is also the center of the annual St. Patrick’s Day festival.

Coors Field

Whether you’re a sports fanatic or just looking for a way to get out of the house, Coors Field is within walking distance of many local attractions. From great restaurants to the renowned River North Art District, this neighborhood offers something for everyone. There are also plenty of opportunities to enjoy great nightlife. If you’re a fan of indie and hip hop music, you’ll want to check out the various venues in the Five Points neighborhood.

While marijuana use is illegal in public, it is also illegal in Coors Field. In fact, it’s prohibited in all areas of the stadium, except for designated smoking areas. Each home game of the Colorado Rockies honors a member of the military. The honoree receives four game tickets, a parking pass, and an on-field recognition ceremony before the start of the game.

While visiting Coors Field, you can also visit the first aid station located behind Section 330 and 133. This station offers first aid supplies and is open two hours before the game. It also has a concession stand and food service. It’s best to visit the First Aid Station first if you or a loved one has an injury.

Tickets for most home games are available at the Rockpile. These tickets are available for four dollars and one dollar for kids under 12 and seniors 55 and older. You’ll need to show ID to gain access to the Rockpile. You can also purchase tickets for specific games through designated on-sale periods.

Welton Street

Located to the northeast of Downtown Denver, Five Points is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. It’s where the original downtown street grid meets the neighborhood street grid. The neighborhood’s name is derived from the five intersections that make up the area’s boundaries. These intersections include Washington Street, 27th Street, 26th Avenue, and Welton Street. It was once a popular place to live for Denver’s aristocracy and other elites.

Welton Street is also a popular gathering place for Denver’s Black community. Many patrons come here to experience the soul food that’s reminiscent of home. The Dickerson family has been serving the neighborhood’s residents since the mid-1980s, and the restaurant serves a diverse menu of savory and southern dishes.

As a part of the Welton Transit Corridor, this project aims to add affordable housing to the area. Its tenants will be people with lower incomes than the city’s median income. The project will feature a mix of one and two-bedroom units. While the project will provide affordable housing for the area’s black residents, it is not a full income-restricted project.

One of the goals of the Welton Street Renaissance Project is to bring art and music to the area. The street has recently undergone a makeover and is now home to the Five Points Outdoor Mural Gallery. The project’s mission is to improve the quality of life for the residents and visitors of the community, while also bringing new businesses to the area.

The Puritan Pie Company

The Puritan Pie Company is located in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood. The company was founded in 1911. It was originally called the Senter Pie Company, but it was soon renamed as the Puritan Pie Company. In 1918, the building was expanded to its current size.

The Puritan Pie Company is home to the Rocky Mountain Land Library. This organization aims to connect people to nature and preserve our natural heritage. It has three locations throughout Denver, including the Puritan Pie Factory urban center in Curtis Park. The event will feature pie, music and a Silent Auction, with proceeds benefitting the Rocky Mountain Land Library. It will also feature upcoming events and programs.

Crush Alley

When you visit Crush Alley in Five Points, be sure to try the table tennis. This Denver-based table tennis facility offers customized individual training and group clinics. The facility is designed to make exercise fun for individuals and families. It also hosts events such as corporate team-building exercises, fundraisers, and special events. It offers a fun atmosphere for visitors with a comfortable outdoor space and a firepit.

If you’re looking for a unique place to spend a day, Crush Walls is a great option. Local artists and international artists participate in the event, which has grown to become Colorado’s largest urban art festival. From its beginnings as a graffiti-filled community, Crush Walls has paved the way for exciting collective gatherings. In the past three years, Crush Walls has grown to more than 80 public murals and is now one of Denver’s most popular events. Every year, the festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to the area.

The Puritan

The Puritan is a man with a strong sense of purpose and an insatiable need for improvement. His desire for a better life is so strong that he is willing to break sharply from the past. He is a visionary who pursues the discipline of a higher life and is not satisfied with the same old routines, old clothes, or hardship.

Puritan life revolved around agriculture, which meant the men worked as farmers and the women worked in fields. The Puritan husband was the head of the household and had all authority. His duties included providing for the needs of the household, teaching the children about life, and teaching them about God. They also believed that their hardships were a part of God’s plan.

Another aspect of Puritan theology was its emphasis on covenants. The Puritan believed that a covenant with God is needed to become a true Christian. This covenant is made through good works and outward proper moral conduct. A puritan might receive a sign from God to show that he has been sanctified. A minister could help them determine whether they had received such a sign.

While the Puritan tradition has influenced modern life, it is still deeply sympathetic and a formative force for the modern spirit. The Puritan constantly discards old clothes and searches for new ones. A Puritan once thought to be a hypocrite and tyrant. Moreover, the living Puritan has been described as dirty-minded, a hypocrite, and an enemy of science and beauty.


Visiting Champa will give you a taste of life in this historic town. The Champa Store has been a landmark of the community for decades. In 2017, the owners decided to sell it to two young entrepreneurs, Reuben Zacharakis-Jutz and Jessica Ralston. They plan to run a coffee shop and small gift shop in the building.

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