Best Places to Visit in Ainsworth, British Columbia

Ainsworth, previously known as Ainsworth Hot Springs, is a small, historic village on Kootenay Lake, British Columbia. It was founded on May 31, 1883, making it the oldest surviving community on the lake. There are numerous attractions and places to visit in and around Ainsworth.

Cody Caves Provincial Park

The Cody Caves Provincial Park is the first subterranean park in British Columbia. It is located about 13 km northwest of Ainsworth Hot Springs. It was formed in July 1966. Visitors can enjoy hiking, canoeing, and swimming in the caves. The park also features various other attractions that include a museum and interpretive center.

One of the best things to do in Ainsworth is to visit the Cody Caves. The park is located on a ten-kilometer dirt road, but a 4×4 vehicle is not required to navigate it. The drive should take about thirty minutes. It is advisable to start trekking up to the park an hour before the tour begins.

The park is popular among tourists. Tourists can take one-hour tours or take longer expeditions to explore the caves. The longer tours are more suitable for those who want to explore deeper into the caves. Greg Nesteroff wrote an article in 2011 about the changing access to the caves. Since then, the park has temporarily suspended cave tours until a new operator is found.

Cody Caves Provincial Park is a great place for families and young children alike. The limestone caves have been carved out by dissolved rock from over 170 million years of flowing water. Its spectacular limestone formations are perfect for caving tours and can be explored on guided tours or family tours.

Those who are not too young should take the caving tour, which requires a 20-minute hike. Visitors should wear sturdy footwear and warm clothing for the hike, as the caves can be very cold and wet.

The caves have two pools that are fed by the local creek. A cold plunge pool is available for visitors who want to cool off after a long swim. There is also a hot plunge pool, which is great for those who prefer to soak in hot water with steam.

Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park

Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park is located in the Selkirk Mountains in the West Kootenays. This 320-square-kilometer park was established in 1922. It is a popular destination for visitors from all over the world.

This park offers many activities for people of all ages. Visitors can hike, bike, fish, or take a stroll along the 85 km of well-marked trails. It has a variety of activities to suit all levels of outdoor experience, from beginners to those with a background in hiking.

This park is adjacent to the Kootenay Lake, one of the largest lakes in Canada. The park features beautiful beaches, including Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. You can also enjoy the longest free ferry ride in the world, which takes 40 minutes to complete.

The town of Ainsworth is a great place to visit when you are visiting the Kootenay Lake region. The area is home to several glaciers and lakes. Many local hikers and anglers visit the area to enjoy the great outdoors. If you are looking for a great hike, check out Kokanee Lake, which is a 2.5-kilometer round-trip hike. The park’s trailhead is located off of Kokanee Glacier Road.

The park is the gateway to many outdoor adventures, including mountaineering, hiking, and zip-lining. This park also features numerous waterfalls and cirques. The park is also home to many wildflowers and flora.

The trail to Kokanee Glacier is an 11-mile round-trip hike that takes you through the park. The trail is well-maintained and offers spectacular views. The hike itself is fairly difficult, as it involves a serious elevation gain. If you are not up for a strenuous hike, you can also take the scenic route by car.

There are a few other places worth visiting in Ainsworth, British Columbia. The Ainsworth Hot Springs are one of the most popular tourist attractions. Aside from its beautiful warm pool, it is also home to a small hot pool fed by an arched cave.

The town of Silverton is a small town with less than 200 inhabitants. It was once a thriving mining community but its population decreased after the mining boom ended. Today, Silverton is home to a number of historic buildings, a museum, and a variety of dining and lodging options.

Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort

If you’re looking for a relaxing spa experience, Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort is a great choice. The mineral-rich water in these hot springs changes four to six times a day. You can swim in the pool or relax in the cavern. You can also enjoy the on-site restaurant or indulge in a massage at the Spirit Water Spa.

The Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort was originally built during the Great Depression, but has undergone a series of renovations over the last two decades. The current owners, the Lower Kootenay Band, live in the community.

This resort is situated on the shore of Kootenay Lake, near Nelson, and offers accommodation, a restaurant, and a Spirit Water Spa. The 39 guest rooms are modern and include granite countertops, bronze lighting, and flat screen televisions. Guests can choose from Single Queen, Standard Lakeview, and Premier Suite rooms.

The community of Ainsworth has many historic sites and is home to the Lower Kootenay Band. It is situated on Highway 31 on the western shore of Kootenay Lake. It is approximately 11 miles north of Kaslo and 12 miles south of Balfour.

Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort is among Ainsworth’s most popular attractions. The hotel offers warm mineral water, as well as a scenic lakeside vista. It is also home to a museum and artisan shop. The town is also a favorite of boaters and angling enthusiasts. Five km north of Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort is the Woodbury Resort & Marina. The resort offers boat rentals and boat launching. It also offers RV sites and cabin accommodations.

Taking a dip in a natural hot spring is an excellent way to relax in nature. British Columbia offers many hot springs, including resort-style hot springs complexes, and wilderness locations. While some hot springs are accessible only by water, many are only accessible by foot.

Buchanan Lookout

The Buchanan Lookout Trail offers stunning views of Kootenay Lake, Powder Creek Valley, and the surrounding mountains. The trail is a popular stop for photography and sightseeing. Hikers can enjoy a two-kilometer loop trail, which offers amazing vistas. Located just 7.5 miles (12 km) northwest of Kaslo, the Buchanan Lookout Trail is best accessed via gravel roads.

Those who are interested in outdoor activities should try the Kootenay Lake, one of the largest lakes in British Columbia. Kootenay Lake features several nice beaches, including Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. Visitors can also try a free ferry ride across the lake, which takes about 40 minutes. This is a great way to spend an afternoon exploring the area.

If you’re traveling by car, be sure to visit the local hot springs. Ainsworth is home to a horseshoe-shaped cave with hot mineral water. The hot springs create a waist-deep pool that can be enjoyed in the summer. The area’s hot springs were also a great attraction for early prospectors.

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